Covid-19 Updates

As we welcome you back to our hotel, we are committed to providing you with a safe environment for you.
At FbH our guests can be assured that social distancing will be granted.
We have implemented Hygiene and Sanitization protocols in all our areas.
In order to quarantee  health and hygiene of everyone, we have made hand sanitizers available in rooms and all important areas, adding also musks and gloves.
After each departure, all linen and terry covers are removed from the room in the protect bags and replaced with a fresh one. Special attention is given to the most prominently used spots, like door handless, telephones…
To ensure the highest level of hygiene, we are placing an ozoniser in the room after every departure, which destroys all microorganisms.
All our cleaning products respects the WHO and the Italian government standards. (including 75% ethyl alcohol and 0,1 sodium hypochlorite)
To protect our quests, we are wearing face masks and gloves.
FbH will continue to serve breakfast right on your table.
We are constantly training and informing our employees on the latest health and hygienic measurements.
Welcome back to Forvm boutique Hotel.
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